How to keep horizontal straw baler equipment

Straw baling equipment has actually been exceptionally popular over the last few years because of the prohibition of straw burning by the government and one more reason is the promo of straw reusing makes increasingly more clients understand the benefits of straw baler device. The straw baler machinery has actually been developed rapidly with a growing number of interest paid to environmental protection by the countries of the globe.

Straw baling equipment is likewise called horizontal baling equipment. The baling things include wheat straw, corn straw, soybean straw, straw and also other agricultural straw. The straight baler ideal for big ranches, straw recycling business as well as feed manufacturing enterprises. It can greatly minimize storage space as well as transportation prices. baler need to focus on the following aspects in daily use:
1, Please infuse 25kg equipment oil prior to beginning the device, and afterwards tighten the plug of the oil loading opening.
2, Thoroughly examine the power line, stop problem factors, leakage, to make certain electrical power safety and security.
3, Carefully examine the maker motor, parts of the connection component of the screws, screws whether combined, and also see if there hangs phenomenon, in order to timely attachment.
4, Set the preheating temperature level according to the types. Corn as well as wheat stalks range from 80 c to 90 c, while rice hulls range from 80 c to 100 c.
5, Idle the machine for 1 min after starting up, inspect whether the machine can run typically, and feed a small amount of product in typical problem and ordinary feeding after the remaining material produced tidy from machine.
6, Before feeding, please be sure to take notice of the tough sundries in the raw materials, as well as thoroughly remove the rock, iron and other products right into the bin to prevent damage to the machine.
7, The oil loading air on the global joint will be as soon as 2-3 decreases at once when every 8 hours.Please placed a little wet product on the device prior to quit, so that the product packaging procedure is smooth discharge after beginning the equipment in following day.

Upkeep of straw straight baler:

1, Prompt cleaning straw horizontal baler dirt and weeds. Eliminate the exhaust pipeline and tidy the sewage and also debris within. Tidy engine surface area oil in time.

Tidy the air filter of straw straight baler.Clean the filter component with diesel oil initially, after that saturate it with engine oil, and after that assemble it after the excess oil drips via the filter.Remove the cyndrical tube head, obtain the shutoff collection and also clean the soil, get rid of the corrosion and grind the valve.
Get rid of the vortex chamber panel of straws straight, tidy contaminations, and also dig up the blocked major jet hole and also starting hole on the panel. Remove the connecting rod nut and also the piston connecting pole collection and tidy with a copper scraper or a bamboo stick to get rid of the carbon deposits on the piston.
Drain pipes the filthy oil in the gas storage tank of straw straight baler and tidy the fuel storage tank, diesel filter and gas injection pump.Drain cooling water as well as drainpipe lubricating oil from oil sump. Include the combined oil (2/3 oil, 1/3 diesel) after cleaning, then shake the crankshaft a number of times, tidy the lubricating oil tank, then release the blended oil, last add the tidy oil to the specified calibration position.
Remove the clutch of straws straight baler, tidy all get rid of diesel oil and also dry before installation.Release equipment oil from gearbox, clean with diesel oil, then add tidy equipment oil. Remove dust from tires. Adjust the front light beam value of the front wheel as well as the free Angle of the steering wheel. Disassemble the brake, tidy the dirt of brake hub and also brake disc, completely dry them before installation.
Tidy the soil inside the electrical equipment of brand name HL ® straw horizontal baler.Dry the coil and also inspect the insulation and also conductivity. Get rid of dust from battery poles. Unscrew the billing hole cover and also dredge the vent hole, tidy the pollutants in the battery with pure water then add the electrolyte to bill after cleaning.
Straw straight baler is a palatable maker, correct to make use of and cautious implementation of maintenance system and rigorous awareness of risk-free procedure regulations are required problems to expand the service life of straw horizontal baler, it can boost production performance as well as guarantee the manufacturing of straw horizontal baler.